New Knipex Tools for 2021: BiX and CutiX

Knipex Tools has been on a roll in 2021. In July they dropped the new Knipex TwinGrip pliers which is something we’ve blogged about because they are an excellent tool to have with their ability to grip stripped screws and grip from the front. But since then, they’ve come out with two more new and innovative tools that are sure to make your life easier. Just released, the Knipex BiX and the Knipex CutiX. Each of these tools offers some new, groundbreaking features to make your life and your job easier. Here’s what they do!

Bix smooth cut

The Knipex 90 22 10 BKA BiX is soon to be the next go-to tool for plumbers and electricians who need to cut plastic pipes for plumbing or for electrical conduit. The BiX cutter is designed for and intended to cut unreinforced plastic pipes Ø 20 to 50 mm with a wall thickness of up to 2.4 mm and when you cut, there’s no shavings or debris. The segment you’re cutting gets held by the tool instead of flying off allowing you to control your work better and keeping your work area tidy. You can also use the BiX to cut pipes when you’re doing final assembly, getting as close as 2-3mm from the wall ensuring moisture gets drawn away.

Bix movement

When not in use, the BiX can be folded up and secured with a locking mechanism for safe storage and transport and the versatility of this design also allows you to easily change your blade out with a simple screwdriver. All in all, an incredibly handy tool to keep around.

For a more universal use and for a cutter you can use as a utility/work knife for multiple jobs, the Knipex 90 10 165 BKA CutiX may be the right tool for you. The CutiX features a blade that is completely adjustable and has a separate slide-button for the stabilizer bar letting you control how much your blade is supported as you use it. Both switches ensure that the blade doesn’t bend or break unintentionally – even when used in difficult positions.

cutix bendy

Like everything in the world though, nothing lasts forever and inevitably the blade will need replacing. When that happens, the CutiX has you covered. First off, every Cutix comes with two spare blades stored in the handle. When you run out of those, or if you want a change of pace, you can also use the with most common 18mm snap off blades giving you a lot of options. Changing the blade is simple, just use a standard Phillips to take it apart and swap the blade out.

There are a few other useful features in the CutiX, first being that it features and ergonomic design with multiple places to grip it for easy use. The other main feature it includes is that it’s part of Knipex’s line of Tethered Tools meaning you can keep track of it and keep handy wherever you are.

Knipex cutix locking bar

Useful for many jobs, you can use it to cut carpet, breakdown cardboard, cut Styrofoam with less debris and many more jobs. It’s sure to be a great addition to any tool box or crafter’s art cart.

Knipex’s new BiX and CutiX are great new tools for you to check out and are sure to add value to any job you need to do!

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