Knipex 70 08 160 SBA 1,000V Insulated Diagonal Cutters

Knipex 70 08 160 SBA 1,000V Insulated Diagonal Cutters

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  • The indispensable diagonal cutter for all-round use
  • Precision cutting edges for soft and hard wire
  • Clean cutting at cutting edge tips; also in case of thin copper wires
  • Cutting edges additionally induction hardened, cutting edge hardness approx 62 hrc
  • Narrow head style for use in confined areas

Professionals trust their tools. This trust is vital when working on electrical installations. The insulation of Knipex insulated and insulating tools is designed in accordance with national and international standards to reduce risk of injury if the tools make contact with an energized source with voltage up to 1000 volts. Knipex insulated and insulating tools meet or exceed the IEC 60900 and ASTM F1505 standards for insulated tools and comply with NFPA-70E. They are clearly marked with the official 1000-volt rating symbol.

Knipex 70 Series Diagonal Cutters are indispensable diagonal cutters for all around use. From the shape of the head to the cut and the hardness of the cutting edges, these pliers are ideal for a wide range of cutting tasks. The design features a narrow head style for use in confined areas. The cutting edges are additionally induction hardened to a cutting edge hardness of approximately 62 HRC. These diagonal cutters are crafted from Vanadium electric steel, forged and oil hardened. This series is available with plastic coated, multi-component grips, or insulated grips.

Knipex 70 08 160 SBA 1,000V Insulated Diagonal Cutters

General Information
Part Number
70 01 160 SBA
Product Type
Country of Origin
California Residents
Proposition 65 Warning
Physical Characteristics
6 1/4"
0.26 kg
0.58 lb
Chrome plated
Vanadium electric steel; forged, oil-hardened
Grip Type
insulated multi-component
Pliers Type
Diagonal Cutters
The essential cutting tool for versatile use
Precision cutting edges for soft and hard wire
Narrow head style for use in confined areas
Clean cutting of thin copper wires, also at the cutting edge tips
Wire Cutting Capacity: Soft 5/32-Inch, Medium 7/64-Inch, Hard 5/64-Inch
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About manufacturer

Knipex Tools was started in 1882 by Carl Gustav Putsch who set up a shop in the family home specializing in making pliers. To this day, Knipex still specializes in making high quality pliers and in addition to that, they have created some really cool and innovative pliers designs. Knipex specialty pliers include the pliers wrench, the Alligator and Cobra pliers and the Cobolt bolt cutters – each with their own specialties and features that set them apart from common brands. Knipex’s workmanship is also among the best, their tools are made of some of the strongest tool steel available and it’s a difference you can feel. Knipex Tools help you get a grip on whatever job you need to do, so if you need pliers or gripping tools, Knipex is it.