Wera Kraftform XXL 3, 11 pieces
Wera Kraftform XXL 3, 11 pieces
Wera Kraftform XXL 3, 11 pieces
Wera Kraftform XXL 3, 11 pieces
Wera Kraftform XXL 3, 11 pieces
Wera Kraftform XXL 3, 11 pieces
Wera Kraftform XXL 3, 11 pieces

Wera Kraftform XXL 3, 11 pieces

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  • For every application the right tool
  • Multi-component Kraftform handle for high working speeds and ergonomic screwdriving
  • Take it easy tool finder: colour coding according to profile and size
  • Hexagonal anti-roll feature against rolling away
  • Lasertip tips for more secure fit in the screw head
11-piece all-round screwdriver set. Kraftform Plus handle for pleasant, ergonomic working that prevents blisters and calluses. Hard gripping zones for high working speeds whereas soft zones ensure high torque transfer. Partially with Lasertip: The tips of the Wera Lasertip screwdrivers are microscopically roughened by laser beams. This rough surface literally bites into the head of the screw. Any unintentional slipping out is therefore a thing of the past. "Take it easy" tool finder with colour coding according to profiles and size stamp - for simple and rapid accessing of the required tool.

Wera Kraftform XXL 3, 11 pieces

Kraftform handles are designed specifically to follow the natural contours of the human hand ensuring maximum comfort

All Kraftform handles feature anti-roll hex shape

Wera’s Take it Easy Tool Finder color coding is consistent across all tools so finding the right tool is always easy

Lasertip (on select models) helps bite into the screw for enhanced grip which greatly reduces the amount of pressure needed to turn further reducing strain while working

General Information
Part Number
Product Type
Screwdriver Set
Number of Pieces
Country of Origin
Czech Republic
California Residents
Proposition 65 Warning
Physical Characteristics
Green / Gray / Red / Yellow / Black
Tip Type
Phillips, Square, Slotted
1x Kraftform XXL 3, 11 pieces;

2x 932 A Screwdriver for slotted screws: 1.0x5.5x100, 1.2x7.0x125;

2x 350 PH Screwdriver for Phillips screws: PH 1x80, PH 2x100;

1x 334 Screwdriver for slotted screws, 1.2 x 6.5 x 150 mm;

2x 335 Screwdriver for slotted screws: 0.8x4.0x100, 1.0x5.5x125;

2x 368 Screwdriver for square socket head screws: # 1x80, # 2x100;

2x 160 i VDE Insulated screwdriver for slotted screws: 0.4x2.5x80, 0.6x3.5x100;

2x Rack for Kraftform screwdrivers, 190 x 50 mm
Kraftform multi-component handle, with hard and soft zones, fits the shape to the hand for the ultimate in comfort and high-speed torque transfer
Lasertip bites into the screw's head to ensure a perfect fit and reduced slip out (anti cam out)
Hexagon bolster provides extra torque transfer with use of open-jawed or ring spanner
Anti-roll protection at base of handle stops screwdrivers from rolling away at the workplace
Handle markings include screw symbol and size of tip to easily find the right screwdriver
Handle Grip Type
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About manufacturer

“Be a Tool Rebel” with Wera Tools! What makes using Wera Tools an act of rebellion? Most likely their radically different design aesthetic which often features vivid colors and organic contours incorporated into their tools. But Wera is more than just a pretty face, they make game-changing innovations to tools. A few of their innovations include the Kraftform handle which is ergonomic, following the natural positions of the hand, the Zyklop ratchet which features a swivel head eliminating one of the most frustrating aspects of using a ratchet and many more. Wera tools are well-made, handsomely packaged and designed to take the tool world by storm with tools that look and feel like the way of the future.