3M Spindle Extender Kit 300
3M Spindle Extender Kit 300

3M Spindle Extender Kit 300

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  • Allows you to extend spindle length to adjust or align the position of the abrasive work surface
  • Adjusts spindle length for a variety of applications and conditions
  • Use with a backstand, bench grinder, benchtop or inline sander
  • Compatible with 5/8-11 threads
  • Extender Adapter allows mounting of 1 inch Scotch-Brite™ 8 inch Radial Bristle Brushes
The 3M Spindle Extender Kit comes complete with all the components needed to increase the length of spindle on a backstand, bench grinder, benchtop or inline sander in order to align a work surface or create distance to allow movement of an abrasive wheel. The 3M Spindle Extender Adapter 30134 is designed to allow mounting of 1 inch wide and 8 inch diameter bristle brushes.

In the Box
Our 3M™ Spindle Extender Kit 300 includes all the components necessary to assemble a workable configuration for your application. Included you will find:

  • Two 3/8-inch wire spacers
  • Two 1 x 5/8-inch flange adapters
  • One 2-inch OD x 5/8-inch ID washer
  • One spanner nut
  • One spindle extension

Our 3M™ Spindle Extender Adapter 30134 adds length to the tool spindle in order to accommodate a larger Scotch-Brite™ Radial Bristle Brush. Use this adapter with a bristle brush that is 1 inch thick and 8 inches in diameter.

You Can Count on 3M Abrasives
At 3M, we pay attention to every detail of the abrasive process, from discs to tools to all the accessories in between. Our 3M™ 3M™ Spindle Extender Kit belongs to a long line of high-quality abrasive accessories produced by 3M to help businesses like yours operate faster, better and more efficiently.

3M Spindle Extender Kit 300

General Information
Attachment Type
Function/Attachment Style
Shaft/Spindle Adapters
Country Of Origin
United States
Sold As
Lead Time
2 days
California Residents
Dimensions and Specifications
Net Weight (Imperial)
1.1 lb
Net Weight (Metric)
498.95 g
Overall Height (Imperial)
4.7 in
Overall Height (Metric)
11.94 cm
Overall Length (Imperial)
4.7 in
Overall Length (Metric)
11.94 cm
Overall Width (Imperial)
4.7 in
Overall Width (Metric)
11.94 cm
Thread Size
5/8-11 EXT x 5/8-11 INT
Overall Length Imperial
0.13 yd
0.12 m
0.13 yd
0.12 m
0.18 yd
0.16 m
139.99 cubic inch
2294.08 cm3
17.6 oz
498.9 g
Other Details
Sub Industries
Turbine Engines
Usage Information
Equipment - Machines
Manual Backstand
Equipment Machines
Bench Top Motors
Inline Sanders
Manual Backstand
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