Greenlee GPA Pull Assist
Greenlee GPA Pull Assist

Greenlee GPA Pull Assist

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  • Hands-Free pulling reduces strain & fatigue while increasing productivity
  • Easier puller setup in challenging locations and tight spaces.
  • Stay out of the danger zone and operate the puller from up to 6' away
  • Compatible with most Greenlee Pullers
This puller is designed with hands-free operation to reduce strain and fatigue, while increasing productivity. Easily setup in challenging spaces with the convenience of operating the puller up to 6' away for maximum safety. Compatible with most Greenlee Pullers.

Greenlee GPA Pull Assist

General Information
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Product Type
Cable pulling
Country of Origin
United States
California Residents
Physical Characteristics
11.61 kg
25.60 lb
Special Features: Allows for hands-free pulling & for the operator to stand up to 6' away

Rope Capacity : 1/2" to 1"

Pull Force (range): up to 85 lb of tailing force

Voltage Rating: 120V

Amperage Rating: 20A

Puller Compatibility: G6, UT10, G10

Speed: up to 60 ft/min
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Founded in 1862, Greenlee Tools got its start as a toolmaker when two brothers needed to manufacture their invention (a special drill surrounded by chisels). With the success of this effort, the Greenlee brothers quickly took on making other woodworking tools and other machinery including a machine that laid track for the railroad. In the mid-80s and beyond, Greenlee added on other toolmakers and diversified the kinds of tools they make and now Greenlee manufactures tools used by tradesmen in all vocations from communications to hydraulic pumps, plumbing, telecom, test equipment and many more. Greenlee is widely recognized as an industry leader for quality hand and industrial tools.