Knipex 00 20 03 SB 4 Piece Precision Circlip Snap-Ring Pliers Set

Knipex 00 20 03 SB 4 Piece Precision Circlip Snap-Ring Pliers Set

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  • Contains common precision circlip pliers for highest requirements
  • Sturdy plastic packaging, also suitable for storage of the pliers
  • Contains: 48 11 J1, 48 11 J2, 49 11 A1, 49 11 A2

Significant pressure is exerted on snap rings when they are put on or taken off. Sometimes, this pressure is transferred to the pliers tip which can subsequently cause breakage, especially when the tip is poorly constructed from pressed steel. Knipex’s Snap Ring Pliers are forged from a solid piece of Chrome vanadium steel. These pliers are much stronger, perform more consistently and will last much longer. The tips of the Snap Ring Pliers feature a grooved surface that acts to hold the snap ring on the tips of the pliers more securely. These spring steel Snap Ring Pliers are available in several diameter sizes with internal and external tips in a straight or 90° angled design. They are available individually or in popular sized sets.

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Knipex 00 20 03 SB 4 Piece Precision Circlip Snap-Ring Pliers Set

General Information
Part Number
00 20 03 SB
Product Type
Snap-Ring Pliers Set
Number of Pieces
Country of Origin
California Residents
Proposition 65 Warning
Physical Characteristics
0.68 kg
1.51 lb
Red / Black
Pliers body: Chrome Vanadium Electric steel, Forged, oil-hardened
Inserted tips: Spring Steel Wire, Drawn
Internal: 12-25mm, 19-60mm
External: 10-25mm, 19-60mm
Grip Type
Plastic Coated
Pliers Type
Set features 4 Precision Circlip Pliers, 2 for internal and 2 for external use.
For fitting internal snap rings on bore holes.
For fitting snap rings on shafts.
Chrome vanadium steel electric steel.
Tips made of high density drawn steel.
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About manufacturer
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Knipex Tools was started in 1882 by Carl Gustav Putsch who set up a shop in the family home specializing in making pliers. To this day, Knipex still specializes in making high quality pliers and in addition to that, they have created some really cool and innovative pliers designs. Knipex specialty pliers include the pliers wrench, the Alligator and Cobra pliers and the Cobolt bolt cutters – each with their own specialties and features that set them apart from common brands. Knipex’s workmanship is also among the best, their tools are made of some of the strongest tool steel available and it’s a difference you can feel. Knipex Tools help you get a grip on whatever job you need to do, so if you need pliers or gripping tools, Knipex is it.