Steinel 110025597 HL 2020 E Professional Heat Gun
Steinel 110025597 HL 2020 E Professional Heat Gun
Steinel 110025597 HL 2020 E Professional Heat Gun
Steinel 110025597 HL 2020 E Professional Heat Gun
Steinel 110025597 HL 2020 E Professional Heat Gun

Steinel 110025597 HL 2020 E Professional Heat Gun

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  • The new hl 2020 e professional heat gun with powerful 1,600 w and 13.3 amp motor is 20 percent more durable than its predecessor
  • Lcd-display and heat build-up warning provide convenient and secure handling
  • The temperature is easily variable by toggle in 10 °f steps from 120 - 1150 ˚f, while airstream speed allows for three settings (4 cfm, 4-8 cfm, 6-13 cfm)
  • For extra safety the hot air gun is equipped with double insulation, a thermal cut-out and a residual heat indicator which warns the user if the nozzle is still hot to prevent burns
  • The heat tool comes in a sleek and balanced design, with an ergonomically shaped pistol grip and optimized weight balance for fatigue free working, as well as an integrated hands free support stand
The HG 2320 ESD is suitable for use in electrostatic protected areas (EPA). ESD (electrostatic discharge) is the transfer of an electric charge that takes place when two objects that have been charged to different electric potentials, or have different electric potentials due to static induction, are brought into contact with each other. This discharge can cause product defects as well as equipment failures, but the HG 2320 ESD has a conductive housing that will not build up or hold a static charge when used in EPA. Combined with all the features of the HG 2320 E, such as precision temperature control, the LOC feature and customizable programs, this is the ultimate ESD-safe tool.

Steinel 110025597 HL 2020 E Professional Heat Gun

General Information
Part Number
Product Type
Professional Heat Gun
California Residents
Proposition 65 Warning
Physical Characteristics
0.88 kg
1.94 lb
Air Flow Capacity
Stage 1: 4 cfm, Stage 2: 4-8 cfm, Stage 3: 6-13 cfm
120 VAC
Amperage (Amps)
1600 watts
120°F - 1150°F (50°C - 620°C)
Power Source
Rubber construction, double insulated power cord
Powerful 120 V heat gun
Durable heavy duty housing
Power cord can be changed without opening enclosure
Ceramic heating element
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About manufacturer

For more than half a century, Steinel has been a trusted name in precise, controlled heat delivery via high quality heat guns for home applications, professional use and industrial applications. Steinel’s rigorous manufacturing, testing and quality processes have earned them recognition in more than 80 countries. Steinel heat guns give you multiple options as to ranges of temperature ensuring you can deliver the precise amount of heat needed for your specific application. Steinel heat guns will ensure accurate heat delivery and a successful job well done.