Wera 05073599001 967/9 TX BO Multicolour 1 SB L-Key Set for Tamper-Proof TORX® Screws, BlackLaser, 9 Pc.

Wera 05073599001 967/9 TX BO Multicolour 1 SB L-Key Set for Tamper-Proof TORX® Screws, BlackLaser, 9 Pc.

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  • L-keys for TORX® BO screws to loosen safety connections
  • Colour coded, easy-to-grip plastic sleeve, even at low temperatures
  • BlackLaser tempered offers optimum surface protection for a long service life
  • The ballpoint allows offset working
  • Wear-resistant inscription of the sizes of the L-keys contained on the clip
L-keys with thermoplastic sleeve (SPKL) out of easy-to-grip circular material. The sleeve ensures that work is pleasant and easy on the fingers even at low temperatures. All L-keys are quickly to hand thanks to their colour coding and size markings. The wear-resistant clip material ensures secure storage of the L-keys as well as simple removal. For TORX® and TORX® BO (with bore hole) connections.

Wera 05073599001 967/9 TX BO Multicolour 1 SB L-Key Set for Tamper-Proof TORX® Screws, BlackLaser, 9 Pc.

Wera’s Hex-Plus 05073593001 is an excellent tool set with plenty of great features and two different work surfaces. One end features a standard hex key end and the other is a specially designed ball-end hex which helps get a good grip at an angle or when working with stripped fasteners.

Finding the right size is easy with Wera’s color coded “Take it Easy” tool finder system. Each L-key is covered in a different colored plastic sheath for easy identification.

All hex keys in this set are stored in an easy to hold plastic sleeve that is also wear- resistant. L-keys are held securely, but also easy to move when needed.

General Information
Part Number
Product Type
L - Key Set
Number of Pieces
Country of Origin
Czech Republic
California Residents
Proposition 65 Warning
Physical Characteristics
Tip Type
1x 967/9 TX BO Multicolour 1 SB L-key set for tamper-proof TORX® screws, BlackLaser, 9 pieces; 9x 967 SPKL TORX® BO L-key Multicolour: TX 9x79, TX 8x76, TX 10x85, TX 15x90, TX 20x96, TX 25x104, TX 30x122, TX 40x132, TX 27x112
Magnetizer/Demagnetizer built into the holder
For Torx screws and Security Torx screws with pin. Security Torx on short shaft, Torx ball tip on long shaft where appropriate (see above list for key-by-key listing).
Ball end enables screwdriving jobs at slightly inclined angles.
Safe work even in difficult ambient conditions.
L-keys with plastic sleeve (SPKL) are manufactured out of easy-togrip circular material.
The sleeves make work convenient and safe even at low temperatures.
All L-keys are quickly handled thanks to their color-coding and size marking.
The wear-resistant clip material ensures that the L-keys are securely held yet are easy to remove.
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“Be a Tool Rebel” with Wera Tools! What makes using Wera Tools an act of rebellion? Most likely their radically different design aesthetic which often features vivid colors and organic contours incorporated into their tools. But Wera is more than just a pretty face, they make game-changing innovations to tools. A few of their innovations include the Kraftform handle which is ergonomic, following the natural positions of the hand, the Zyklop ratchet which features a swivel head eliminating one of the most frustrating aspects of using a ratchet and many more. Wera tools are well-made, handsomely packaged and designed to take the tool world by storm with tools that look and feel like the way of the future.