Wera 05073670001 Kraftform Kompakt Micro 11 ESD 1, 11 pieces

Wera 05073670001 Kraftform Kompakt Micro 11 ESD 1, 11 pieces

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  • Bit holder suitable for the take-up of bits with 4 mm halfmoon or HIOS drive
  • ESD-safe tool thanks to surface resistance of < 10^9 Ohm
  • Holder with anti-roll feature, swivel cap and quick-release chuck
  • Suitable for bits with 4 mm halfmoon and 4 mm HIOS drive
  • In a practical pouch
Kraftform Kompakt Micro set for precision mechanical work. Suitable for the take-up of bits with 4 mm halfmoon drive (Wera series 9) and bits with 4 mm HIOS drive (Wera series 21). Electrical surface resistance of < 10^9 Ohm for secure protection against electrostatic charge. Manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1. Compact handle/interchangeable blade system for fast blade change. Kaftform Micro handle with twist cap and free-turning zone for rapid twisting, making any time-consuming repositioning of the fingers unnecessary. Power zone with integrated soft zones for the transfer of higher tightening and loosening torque. Precision zone directly above the blade for the right angle for adjustment work. Bits for manual as well as power tool operations. Rapid fixing of the bit: just push the bit into the insert for automatic locking and a secure fit. To change the bit, simply push the sleeve forward and remove. Free-turning sleeve for simple guidance of the tool during the screwdriving process. Bits suitable for manual as well as power tool operations with electric screwdrivers (e.g. HIOS, Delvo, Sehan). Applications for example on smartphones, cell phones, cameras, electrical appliances, in dental labs and dental surgeries.

Wera 05073670001 Kraftform Kompakt Micro 11 ESD 1, 11 pieces

ESD safe Kraftform handle dissipates electrostatic discharge and can take multiple styles of tips

ESD safe precision drivers feature a solid steel shaft and features a fast-spinning zone, power zone and a precision zone for optimal placement of your hands

Wera ESD safe drivers dissipate static discharge protecting your sensitive electronics

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Screwdriver Set
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“Be a Tool Rebel” with Wera Tools! What makes using Wera Tools an act of rebellion? Most likely their radically different design aesthetic which often features vivid colors and organic contours incorporated into their tools. But Wera is more than just a pretty face, they make game-changing innovations to tools. A few of their innovations include the Kraftform handle which is ergonomic, following the natural positions of the hand, the Zyklop ratchet which features a swivel head eliminating one of the most frustrating aspects of using a ratchet and many more. Wera tools are well-made, handsomely packaged and designed to take the tool world by storm with tools that look and feel like the way of the future.