Wiha 26187 PicoFinish Precision Slotted/Phillips Screwdrivers 8 Piece Set
Wiha 26187 PicoFinish Precision Slotted/Phillips Screwdrivers 8 Piece Set

Wiha 26187 PicoFinish Precision Slotted/Phillips Screwdrivers 8 Piece Set

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  • Ergonomics: Cushion grip tapered handle for rapid rotation and precise torque
  • Durability: Rigorous heat-treatment process for maximum strength
  • Precision: Exact-fit precision-machined tips for safer and more stable fastening
When it comes to working on small components and modern electronics, using the best precision screwdriver is essential—Wiha PicoFinish Precision Screwdrivers are unrivaled. Wiha PicoFinish Precision Screwdrivers feature cushion-grip handles for comfort and control, and the dual durometer material is direct-molded to the blade for a permanent bond. The PicoFinish style includes a hex profile finger grip for precise torque and a tapered handle for rapid rotation. The handles are sized proportionate to the tip and feature an extra-long smooth-turning cap for multiple hand positions. The driver tip profiles are labeled on the cap to quickly and easily identify the driver you need when stored vertically. Experience the tightest fitting precision-machined driver tips from the company that set the standard for precision. Wiha's exact-fit tips meet the highest tolerances of precision machining to eliminate fastener damage.

Wiha 26187 PicoFinish Precision Slotted/Phillips Screwdrivers 8 Piece Set

PicoFinish allows work with one finger thanks to the large cap at the tip. The other end allows more gripping surfaces for precise turning.

Eight-piece set includes three precision Phillips and five precision slotted drivers. Precision machined tips mean a snug fit to reduce cam out and screw stripping.

Made in Germany!

General Information
Wiha Tools
Part Number
Product Type
Screwdriver Set
Number of Pieces
Country of Origin
California Residents
Proposition 65 Warning
Physical Characteristics
Black / Red
Chrome-plated satin
Wiha engineered premium quality tool steel
0.20 kg
0.44 lb
Tip Type
Slotted and Phillips
Phillip: #00, #0 and #1
Slotted: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm and 3.5mm
Designed and engineered by Wiha Germany
Cushion grip handle for comfort and control
Dual durometer construction for long-lasting durability
Handle direct molded to blade for a permanent bond
Hex profile finger grip for precise torque and control
Tapered handle for rapid rotation
Extra-long cap for optimal hand positions and smooth turning
Tip profile labeled on cap for easy identification
Handle sized proportionate to the blade for consistent mechanical advantage
Wiha engineered premium quality tool steel for strength and durability
Chrome-plated satin finish for corrosion protection
Exact fit precision machined tip for reduced cam-out
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Wiha Tools got their start making nuts and bolts in 1939 and have been making and innovating high quality precision German tools ever since. Wiha has honed their toolmaking craft over the decades and is widely recognized for their meticulous workmanship and near perfect fit that their tools achieve on the job. They believe in the quality of their tools so much, they are all backed by the “No Hassle Guarantee” which covers all defects in materials or workmanship. When you’re using a Wiha tool, you know it’s reliable. One of Wiha’s strongest points is their wide selection of tools that are packaged in combo packs, including deals on insulated tools – a great way to get a lot of tools for particular needs in a cheap way. Wiha’s the most popular brand you may never have heard of!