Wiha Tools 83290 Split Head Mallet Tool Box Set, 14 Piece

Wiha Tools 83290 Split Head Mallet Tool Box Set, 14 Piece

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  • Split Head Mallet 14 Piece Set
  • 30 & 50mm Hammers
  • Soft-Extra Hard Face
Split Head Mallet 14Piece Set 30 & 50mm Hammers Soft-Extra Hard Face
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Wiha Tools 83290 Split Head Mallet Tool Box Set, 14 Piece

General Information
Wiha Tools
Part Number
Product Type
Hammer Set
Number of Pieces
Country of Origin
California Residents
Proposition 65 Warning
Physical Characteristics
3.95 kg
8.70 lb
5.0mm L-Key
8.0mm L-Key

30mm Hammer (SKU 83221)
50mm Hammer (SKU 83223)
Powder coated Safety Shells made from Malleable Cast Iron, Crack Resistant
Durable Hickory Handles ergonomical shaped
Carefully Selected and with a High Quality Surface
Extremely Hard Hickory Wood has proven to be the best Wood for Hammers

30mm Soft Face (SKU 83231)
50mm Soft Face (SKU 83251)
Soft Elastomer, Colourfast and Wear-Resistant
Window Construction, Light Metal Construction, Furniture and Interior Fittings Industries, Light Assembly, Tradeshow Construction

30mm Med Soft (SKU 83232)
50mm Med Soft (SKU 83252)
Medium Soft Caoutchouc (Rubber), Wear-Resistant
Tile Laying, Paving, Curbstone Setting, Dry Wall Construction, Light Gardening and Landscaping Setting Tasks

30mm Med Hard (SKU 83233)
50mm Med Hard (SKU 83253)
Medium Hard Polyurethane, Colourfast and Wear-Resistant
Tool and Machine Construction, Metal Working, Automobile Repairs, Panel Beating, Sheet Metal and Assembly Work

30mm Hard (SKU 83234)
50mm Hard (SKU 83254)
Hard Cellulose Acetate, Colourfast and Wear-Resistant
Assembly and Disassembly, Sheet Metal Work, Building and Construction Work, work station Tasks

30mm EX Hard (SKU 83235)
50mm EX Hard (SKU 83255)
Very hard polyamide (Nylon), Colourfast and Wear-Resistant
Building and Construction Industries, Foundry, Mould Making, Road Work, Forestry and Agriculture, Gardening and Landscaping
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Wiha Tools got their start making nuts and bolts in 1939 and have been making and innovating high quality precision German tools ever since. Wiha has honed their toolmaking craft over the decades and is widely recognized for their meticulous workmanship and near perfect fit that their tools achieve on the job. They believe in the quality of their tools so much, they are all backed by the “No Hassle Guarantee” which covers all defects in materials or workmanship. When you’re using a Wiha tool, you know it’s reliable. One of Wiha’s strongest points is their wide selection of tools that are packaged in combo packs, including deals on insulated tools – a great way to get a lot of tools for particular needs in a cheap way. Wiha’s the most popular brand you may never have heard of!