Klein Tools Umbrella
Klein Tools Umbrella
Klein Tools Umbrella

Klein Tools Umbrella

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  • Klein Tools Umbrella
Umbrellas are useful in the rain or in the sun and while you can often find a cheap one, you’ll regret it later. As the saying “buy nice or buy twice” goes for tools, it also applies to umbrellas. This Klein Tools Umbrella comes in a subdued color with Klein’s trademark lineman on full display and is made from high quality materials to ensure that the first stiff wind you run into doesn’t destroy it.
This umbrella is a definite investment in individual environmental protection.
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Klein Tools Umbrella

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Klein Tools is the result of one of those “happy accidents” that turn out to be revolutionary. Klein Tools famously got their start in 1857 when a linesman came to founder Matthias Klein to repair his broken pliers. Klein replaced the broken half and when the old half of the tool broke too, Klein forged a replacement for that, thus making the first Klein Linesman pliers. Since these humble beginnings, Klein Tools has grown and become one of the largest American made toolmakers and they’re a brand used by tradesmen, linesman and electricians all across America.